New to Source Home + Object is Melbourne ceramics business Marmoset Found. In this issue, we get to know Cherie & Nareen.

SH+O: What is the quick pitch that defines your business?

MARMOSET FOUND: Marmoset Found is a boutique homewares wholesaler. We pride ourselves on our carefully curated collections of beautiful everyday pieces. We design our products in our studio in Melbourne and then work with small family run business in India, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan to have our products manufactured. We select these countries for their areas of expertise (for example, basket weaving in Vietnam) and also for their natural resources (abaca fibre from the Philippines). Each piece in the range has a handmade element to it and most pieces are entirely handmade. The irregularities that come with making things by hand adds value and uniqueness to the range.

SH+O: Where do you find inspiration?

MARMOSET FOUND: There are so many things that inspire us: nature, music, travel, food, the ocean, family, art, film …

SH+O: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

MARMOSET FOUND: We both had young families when we started Marmoset Found and thought that we could start slow and build the business up as our children got older and more independent. …however, the business grew very rapidly from the start and for the first few years it really felt as if we were chasing a snowball down a hill!
We have found that planning is key to juggling a growing business and busy family lives. We're always super organised and start the planning process for each collection up to a year in advance. Over the years we have also begun to outsource a number of areas of the business (accounts, social media, logistics) and this allows us to focus on product development. We also provide a huge amount of support to each other and it often feels like we are one big extended family!

SH+O: What was your best business moment?

MARMOSET FOUND: When we held the first samples of our products in our hands and felt the exhilaration of creating something beautiful yet practical.

SH+O: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

MARMOSET FOUND: The resurgence in handmade products is still strong - customers are wanting unique items that set their interiors apart and are definitely moving away from mass produced items.