As Director of Telegram, Scott Druce knows authentic design better than anyone.
We recently sat down to talk with Scott.
SH+O: What is the quick pitch that defines your business?

SCOTT: The worlds best stationery and home/gifts brand...We're interested only in design led, original and exciting brands - the ones that shift quickly in our retailers.

SH+O: Where do you find inspiration?

SCOTT: Inspiration can be found in many places...I love travelling, so it's always refreshing to be somewhere different and see how other people live and trends they follow.

SH+O: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

SCOTT: Managing the constant excitement of growth and opportunity against building a young business. I'm not sure it's something we've really overcome, we've just had to learn to work with organic growth and think we have a stronger business as a result.

SH+O: What was your best business moment?

SCOTT: Every time we get to add a new brand that we're truly excited about - which luckily for us has happened many times.

SH+O: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

SCOTT: Really making retail a true experience, backing authentic brands and creating places where people come for inspiration, advice or specialist product. That is particularly where independent retail has the opportunity to stand out, whether online or physical retail. Its the panacea to the endless race to the bottom on discounting and cheap production.