Short Story have products that produce the most smiles in the Source Showroom. Here William Du, chats to us about his Melbourne-based business.

SH+O: What is the quick pitch that defines your business?

SHORT STORY: Short Story is a heartfelt gift company that focuses on meaningful products and connecting the world through storytelling.
We pride ourselves on storytelling through innovative Australian designs that resonate with our customers. We are a fun (& food) loving team who aspire to provide the best and most reliable service
SH+O: Where do you find inspiration?

SHORT STORY: Short Story is inspired by the art of storytelling. We love the nostalgia of people passing on life lessons and traditions through stories, especially in today's society where we are becoming more and more disconnected. Short Story draws on beautiful and moving stories from around the world to create products that connect with our customers emotionally and allow them to share their own stories with others.
SH+O: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

SHORT STORY: Our biggest challenge was definitely during the initial start up of the business. 7 years ago, we started in a tiny room upstairs at Carolyn's parents house with a product that customers didn't understand and generated no sales. We pushed through by continuing to innovate new products that carried the essence of our brand: connecting people through storytelling and eventually, we designed the right product to do this: our first Origami signature frame. We eventually grew to the living room and garageā€¦ and the rest is history. Fast forward to 2016: we now have our own warehouse and are stocked in over 700 retailers Aus and NZ wide.

SH+O: What was your best business moment?

SHORT STORY: Our best moment in business was when we joined the The Melbourne Art Fair. We created large scale versions of our artwork and entered the art fair with very little understanding of the industry. We were overwhelmed by the response as we pretty much sold out our show and obtained representation from a gallery in New York and London. We even had a number of pieces commissioned for some VERY respectable names. It was amazing to be acknowledged in the art world and reinforced our belief in our products and what we are trying to do with our business.

SH+O: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

SHORT STORY: Retail has been and will continue to move towards a focus on customer service and experience. Customers are so overwhelmed by clutter that they actively seek out products and companies that offer a real point of difference.