Crave Home is now an institution in Birkenhead, Auckland. Full of design classics and current, on-trend pieces.
We had a chat to Crave's owner Jude Turner.
SH+O: What is the quick pitch that defines your business?

CRAVE: Our contemporary homewares for your everyday beautiful living.

SH+O: Where do you find inspiration?

CRAVE: I love Pinterest, Instagram and I'm a keen reader of blogs and magazines, so I try to adapt that inspiration to what will work within our store environment.
SH+O: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

CRAVE: Know who your customer is and trust your instincts. In the early days, I was talked into placing orders which I was doubtful about, and ended up with product that I didn't love – and worse, didn't move. No one knows your customer or community better than you, so always be guided by your gut feeling – and not necessarily what's hot.

SH+O: What was your best business moment?

CRAVE: There have been many, but the highlight would have to be our awesome team winning the 2012 Auckland Top Shop Award – it was a terrific achievement and a great reward for a lot of hard work!

SH+O: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

CRAVE: I think there will always be a place for outstanding customer service, a beautiful store environment and welcoming smiles but retailers need to have an on-line presence and be active in keeping it up-to-date – as well as staying on top of social media advances and changes. It can be a lot of extra work, especially if you're doing it yourself, but I believe stores need to offer both channels.