H.A.I.L | Wooden Horse

This season we're following the HAIL (Honest Authenticity Integrity Love) method here at Source Home + Object. If you're not familiar with Julian Treasure and his method you can check out his TED Talk here - it's worth a watch.

Following on from our Exhibitor Profiles we did last show, we would like to continue the theme but find out what HAIL means to our exhibitors.

Joanne Whitney, WOODEN HORSE | What does H.A.I.L mean to you?

HONESTY: I believe in communication and relationship maintenance that is open and genuine to create trust. At Wooden Horse we practice positivity and balance. This naturally correlates to honest in how we act and react in our work and personal environments.

AUTHENICITY: I love our brand stories and knowing where our products come from. Many of our products are hand crafted using traditional techniques in India and SE Asia. Regular visits are made to the manufacturers to ensure fair working conditions. Our brand designers are constantly working to design products with details that are unique. Inspiration us taken from the contrast of nature and the assault on the senses in India.

INTEGRITY: This resonates very strongly with me, as integrity is the term I reflect on when making decisions and planning ever since I started Wooden Horse. If I do things with integrity, I can't go too far wrong.

LOVE: Empathy, kindness and respect in everything we do and say.