This season we're following the HAIL (Honest Authenticity Integrity Love) method here at Source Home + Object. If you're not familiar with Julian Treasure and his method you can check out his TED Talk here - it's worth a watch.

Following on from our Exhibitor Profiles we did last show, we would like to continue the theme but find out what HAIL means to our exhibitors.

Sara Lundgren from ZAKKIA, What Does H.A.I.L mean to you?

HONESTY: Honesty is the only policy. Everyone we work with has their own goals and hopes, just as we do, and we believe that by communicating openly we can help each other to achieve these goals. We feel accountable to everyone we work with to be honest, even when we're uncomfortable or have made a mistake, we know that nothing is gained by sweeping it under a rug.

We are not afraid to have honest conversations, in fact we need to. We rely on the honest feedback to help us do a better job at designing, customer service, delivery and everything in between.

We are very lucky to be a part of an open community with our stockists, makers and other partners. We are not precious about receiving feedback, in fact we love being guided by you to understand how we can make things better or easier for you. At ZAKKIA our focus is always on finding a good solution for everyone, and being a small brand it's easy for us to be flexible and change things when we need to.

Here's what ZAKKIA is about, honestly:

-Designing unique products

-Working with our makers to craft these products by hand

-Partnering with likeminded retailers to share these products

-Appreciating every person who has given our product its final loving home

-Contributing to the growth of local design and ethical production

AUTHENTICITY: Authenticity is a vital part of the ZAKKIA ethos. We believe in being genuine with our designs. This means creating from the heart and creating with purpose. While we design products for the home, what we are really doing is trying to make each person's world that little bit more beautiful through good design.

A good design is more than just a unique and functional product. Good design requires that products be produced ethically, authentically. We have worked hard to find small, family owned makers in Vietnam who share the same values as ZAKKIA, and of course are amazing crafters. We celebrate their story and share it as an important part of who ZAKKIA is. We will never be afraid to tell the world where our products are produced because our makers are our partners, and every milestone ZAKKIA meets is only achieved because of this collaborative process.

INTEGRITY: While we may be a small, relatively new brand, we try to think like a big brand in terms of integrity. We want everyone to feel like they have a good experience every time they interact with ZAKKIA, which means they get reliable information, advice and respect. We really focus on operating professionally and kindly, and we spend a lot of time talking about the great experiences we have had with other brands to constantly improve our service.

LOVE: Love is the easiest one of all! Our team at ZAKKIA is here because we love what we do, and that makes it easy for that love to carry through to everyone we work with.

The love extends in every direction. To our makers, we want them to be successful because we know them, we know their families and their local communities. These are real people running their own businesses and it is so exciting to see them grow and succeed. It extends to our stockists who put so much effort into sharing our products. We have unlimited admiration for anyone who has taken the leap to opening their own store, and it's our goal to do anything we can to support our stockists. There is so much positivity and love within our team, including our extended team of agents and partners. Being a small team we are very tight and love nothing more than finding something to celebrate, even if it's as small as Kelsey's fabulous earrings (of which there are many by the way!).