H.A.I.L | Hobbs & Co

This season we're following the HAIL (Honest Authenticity Integrity Love) method here at Source Home + Object. If you're not familiar with Julian Treasure and his method you can check out his TED Talk here - it's worth a watch.

Following on from our Exhibitor Profiles we did last show, we would like to continue the theme but find out what HAIL means to our exhibitors.

Katrina Hobbs from Hobbs & Co, What Does H.A.I.L mean to you?

Honesty - Honesty is a cornerstone of Hobbs & Co, a value we cherish in our business and respect in others.

Authenticity - As the author of these works, they're a true reflection of who I am and how I see the world.

Integrity - We continue to enjoy building great relationships based on trust and clear communication with our clients both in NZ and worldwide.

Love - We love meeting and then fulfilling the needs of our clients!