SH+O:  What is the quick pitch that defines your business?

SHORT STORY:  Short Story is a meaningful gift and lifestyle brand.
We believe in beautiful living and sharing stories that bring people together.
Through small packages and big hearts, love is shared, happiness is found and we reconnect with the stories of our roots.
Remember, our smile is our signature and our story is our message to the world.  Share your story.

SH+O:  Where do you find inspiration?
SHORT STORY:  The world is made up of fascinating stories.  It’s magical to find these connections and bring them to life in our gift range.  We find inspiration in everyday life, traveling and experiencing different cultures, conversing with people and discovering their stories, which often allow us to relate and bond.  
To find them you just need to slow down a little and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us daily. Life is beautiful!  

SH+O:  What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

SHORT STORY:  We have always been super excited and wanted to do everything all at once. At the same time being perfectionists meant that we spent a lot of time on each product before we were happy and had multiple projects on at the same time, often building pressure.  
It was very difficult to focus and concentrate on one thing because we had such high energy for what we were doing.  We were always thinking about what new range we wanted to work on or the next story to tell.  Even now, there are stories that we had been passionate about since 5 years ago and we can’t wait to start on that range. I have a feeling this year is the year!   
We were never short of a light bulb moment and somehow I don’t think that’s ever going to change so we will just embrace the craziness.

SH+O:  What was your best business moment?
SHORT STORY:  NOW!  There is no time better than the present and whilst we have had many great business moments, from conversing and having our customers open up to us because they felt inspired by our gifts, to being thanked for the stories we share, the best moment is always NOW as it is open to all the possibilities we dream up!
SH+O:  Where do you see the future of retail heading?
SHORT STORY:  Retail is certainly in a very exciting space.  With so many advancements in technology, online and market places there is so much more opportunity to share our passions with the world.  
We are very excited to be able to share our vision, bring smiles and connect people through meaningful gifts and inspirational stories.  

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