SH+O:  What is the quick pitch that defines your business?

PROPLE:  We pride ourselves in sourcing a diverse range of Bath, Body and Home Fragrance products from around the world. The industry is an exciting and creative one, that we are passionate about. It’s about evoking the senses and creating memories through fragrance that are captured in beautiful products such as Candles, Reed Diffusers, Hand Creams and more… to be gifted or to simply indulge yourself. 

A scent or fragrance note is like listening to a favourite song, as it can take you back in time to a special moment. That is why it’s so true to take the time to stop and ‘smell the roses’. For example the scent of delicious strawberries takes us back to our childhood of picking fresh strawberries, one in the punnet and one in the mouth or the scent of coconut oil takes you back to a memory of a being on holiday in the tropics.

SH+O:  Where do you find inspiration?

PROPEL:  Through different cultures, fashion and living life.

SH+O:  What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

PROPEL:  Taking that risk of being your own boss and not having a regular wage coming in each week. I just put on my big boy undies, surrounded myself with like-minded people in business and worked some long hours.

SH+O:  What was your best business moment?

PROPEL:  When you meet someone and tell them what industry you are in, name the brands and they say ‘I absolutely love …’ Big smiles all round.

SH+O:  Where do you see the future of retail heading?

PROPEL:  It will still be a mix of customers buying on-line and in-store, but it you will need to really up with the play on social media platforms to enable you to interact with your customers. Plus you will never beat great customer service.