SH+O: What is the quick pitch that defines your business? 

JO: We believe in providing retailers with quality, stylish homewares that excite people and have a story about the design and production. We love the Madam Stoltz and Hubsch Danish Interior designs that reflect what we value and are proud to represent. As a business, we love the relationships we create with our customers and are delighted to share product inspiration.

SH+O: Where do you find inspiration?

JO: In nature, especially a quiet beach for creativity and focus. And in appreciating diversity of people for relationship building and feeling inspired by people's personal stories.

SH+O: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

JO: Manging my time and balancing it with family. I have learnt to make use of a daily chart with priorities and include 'me-time' activities. I am trying to out-source more admin jobs so I can focus on the fun things.

SH+O: What was your best business moment?

JO: Realising that my business was reaching my aspired goals and I was loving what I do!

SH+O: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

JO: I have been picking up on a very positive vibe from retailers with growth and expansion. Many retail stores are gearing up for change to diversify how they sell, especially with technology and creating a seamless shopping experience both online and in store. The use of tablets in stores, more personalised rewards and using social media for selling is the way forward.

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