Positivity +

Positivity. It's a bit of a buzz word but in business and in life it's an important one.
It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day busyness of work, kids, social life and to focus too easily on the negative. That's why we thought that we would dedicate our first blog post to positivity and announce the launch of #positivewednesday
#positivewednesday is the idea that on any given Wednesday you do something positive for your self and for someone else. It's not about spending money or over-extending yourself, it's about changing your mindset and allowing positivity to be your first reaction.
It could be as simple as covering the phones so a co-worker can go for a walk, taking your eldery neighbours mail in or making a positive comment on social media. For yourself it could be going for a run, blowdrying your hair or steering a conversation towards a more positive direction. Something that is positive and something that adds to your day, rather than detracts.
So what's it going to be? Here at Source Home + Object we are excited to see what #positivewednesday brings and we'll be spending 10 minutes of our first Wednesday with our feet in the grass and the phone off. Show us what you're doing for #positivewednesday and tag us on Instagram.