5 Minutes With...Rachel from The Mint Republic

SH+O:  What does your job entail?

Wow! So many things, designing, co designing jewellery, branding and messaging for our jewellery ranges, travelling throughout the country showing retailers our brands, training staff members on product knowledge of our brands and products, quality control, record keeping, finances, social media, website SEO, media liaison, pick pack and dispatch, the life and job description of a business owner is unlimited!

SH+O:  Where do you look for inspiration?

I think because my role is so varied I find inspiration everywhere, I also feel extremely lucky that I am connected directly to the teams that sell our brands- there is no better inspiration than hearing and understanding what our customers needs and wants are ☺

Outside of that, nature, youthful people, social media and travel!

SH+O:  Best piece of advice you’ve been given

Probably anything around forgiveness, and picking yourself up and dusting yourself off!

SH+O:  How do you start your day?

With a coffee in bed with my little family (me hubby, son Leo and dog Lulu) then we all get up and go for a 3k walk to the next coffee (a truck that is conveniently parked right outside daycare!)

SH+O:  How do you end your day?

After getting my son to bed, catching up with my husband on his business and day, there is often a cup of Earl Grey tea and some mindless television….

SH+O:  How do you switch off from work?  Can you?

I have really struggled with this over the years. Recently I have made the move to remove Instagram from my phone, as for me it’s a work tool and I would find myself mindlessly scrolling, getting flashes of design inspiration, or at the other end of the spectrum feeling like I was never doing enough compared to others in business.  I desperately need a hobby! 

SH+O:  How do you combine business with creativity?

Yes – I love the combination of the two….however, I try not to switch too often between figures and data and actually designing on the same day, one is often a roadblock for the other!

SH+O:  What is your creative process?

I (we) often think of a storyline around our next collection, we begin to collate inspiration, and hone and design our pieces from there, we have recently begun to using a design brief that really distils the process. 

SH+O:  How do you plan the year ahead for your business?

I generally plan the calendar out based on so many important dates, valentines, mothers day etc and then Chinese new year, trade fairs, fashion week and then our collection launch dates – the detailed plan evolves from this 

SH+O:  Are you strategic in business?

I try to be! But there is a whole lot of heart and relationship led decisions that make strategy flexible

SH+O:  What's the hardest business lesson you’ve learnt?

Trust me I have learnt so many lessons! I think the biggest has been around dependency and risk.

I have learnt that you cannot allow one area to strengthen at the cost to growth and attention to other areas, you must have a diverse business

SH+O:  How does Source help your business?

I get to exhibit here and meet a huge amount of contacts I wouldn’t probably have had the chance to meet, I like that the trade fairs give some more structure to my selling calendar and a set of dates (that don’t move)  that I work towards to create new product. 

As a person I gain energy from others, and as a business owner I love meeting and spending time with others who are doing the same as me, and hearing their challenges and positives inspires me!