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Audrey Loves Ruby is a contemporary jewellery collection, designed and handmade in New Zealand by Tania Sutherland.

All pieces are crafted in mostly sterling silver and Tania has incorporated 9ct gold and high quality 14ct gold plate into her designs.

Audrey Loves Ruby's designs are a collection of delicate and directional pieces that create a chic style and edge.

Visit the Audrey Loves Ruby website here.
The dinner table is looking a lot brighter with the launch of an exciting collection of ceramics, handmade by Joy Smithers .

Batch# is a Sydney-based ceramic design company that creates beautiful and functional tableware. From bowls to plates, platters to dishes , poring bowls to espresso cups; each piece is a work of art and individually created by hand, meaning no two are ever the same, The Batch# collection is also dishwasher proof and microwave safe.

Since her early teens, Joy has been enchanted by clay, ceramics and textiles and carved a successful career as one of the founding members of Mud Ceramics in the mid-nineties.

Visit the Batch# website here.

We are the wholesale suppliers of Danish brand Paper Collective and Australian brands Elm Paper and Alchemy Produx to the New Zealand retail market. We also distribute the amazing Pallares knives into New Zealand and Australia.

New coveted international brands are being added regularly for the discerning homeware, fashion and lifestyle stores in Australia and New Zealand. Expect exceptional customer service, modern ordering systems and prompt deliveries.

Brands by Best Abroad:  

Alchemy Produx . Pallares . Paper Collective . Yamazaki

Visit the Best Abroad website here.

Our Libretto collection of couture bed linen and home textiles takes it's essence from the world famous ballet of Swan Lake.

Opulent costumes, swan forms, delicate plumage and ballet formations all inspire the motifs, textures and colour palette.

The romantic "Cigna" swan print takes centre stage amongst a cast of luscious velvets, soft linens, exquisite lace and richly textured quilting and embroidery.

Designed to work together, the pieces enable us to create and tell our own stories in our homes to admire and enjoy everyday.

Brands by Bianca Lorenne:

Bianca Lorenne . Natures Collection by Bianca Lorenne

Visit the Bianca Lorenne website here.

Cook & Nelson are purveyors of the most exciting and exceptional fare crafted by the best artisan producers in the world.

They search the globe to find individuals who share a passion for crafting extraordinary food and innovate with exciting new processes and recipes resulting in remarkable and unexpected fare.

These products excite you and make you rethink their traditional use - opening up a new world of culinary possibilities and reignite your passion in the kitchen.

Cook & Nelson products are not only world class but are in a class of their own.

Brands by Cook & Nelson:

5 olive Oil . Amola Salt . Entube . Franco's Kitchen . Huffman's Sauces . Lillie's Q . McClures Pickles . Noble Handcrafted . The Jam Stand

Visit the Cook & Nelson website here.


Hello my name is Violet and I started Georgie Paws last year when I was 13 years old. I am a young entrepreneur and I have finally decided to ask my mum to help build a business. My business is built around one of my favourite thing in the world – Dogs!

My mum is an entrepreneur and helps lots of people with their business start-ups. I wanted to design dog collars and other luxury accessories. I have learnt that it's always better to use the best materials we can afford to, as usually it will last longer and look better with age. I also spoil my dog George at Christmas and his birthday – (funny, I don't do this for my cat….)

I looked at the treats and gifts available, and saw I could do something fun and classy. I keep coming up with ideas, so I have a long term plan for Georgie Paws - like us on Facebook or follow Instagram to be the first to see my new designs.

I hope you find something you like in Georgie Paws and your dog will be happy with a smile.

Visit the Georgie Paws website here.

Introducing you to the exciting new season collections from Harper Home. 

Sourced internationally and with a broad range of influences, our alluring collection captures the essence of current world trends in both design and colour.  Harper Home uniquely offers an extensive collection of limited-edition, yet affordable products capturing a European-inspired style.  Through personal selection, our in-house buyers have ensured each product and design is beautiful on its own or if desired, will work together and match with other products to make a complete look.  Our seasonal catalogue has inspirational ideas on how to create different styles from our collection for your home.

Brands by Harper Home:

Harper Home . Signature Rugs

Visit the Harper Home website here.

At Heart Ethical we specialise in bespoke textiles and wallpaper. Many of our Heart Ethical designs can be customised. Printed on eco wallpaper and linen, designs are available by the roll and by the metre for the linen.

We print on 100% natural fabrics & sustainable eco-friendly wallpapers. Looking after our beautiful world is important to us.

The quality interior design fabrics can be used for:

  • Curtains and blinds
  • Cushions
  • Upholstery
We know you love what you love, regardless of fashion. Create something timeless, or create eco-ethical fabric for a cushion or create a wallcovering that makes your heart beat faster.

Visit the Heart Ethical website here.

Curiosity ignites creativity.

Hobbs & Co's latest collection "Down The Rabbit Hole" presents original spray painted artworks, digitally printed onto beautiful fabrics to reflect the essence of each work.

Our products are designed to bring a little joy into your life. Let your creative animal loose, relax into the cushions, wrap yourself in softest cashmere scarves and dive down the rabbit hole, you never know what you might find!

embrace - enhance - enjoy!

Visit the Hobbs & Co website here.

One of the major bed, table, bath linen and decoration industries in Brazil and one of the main brands when it comes to innovation, quality and beauty in this segment.

That's Karsten, a publicly-held company which, throughout over a century of existence, does not cease innovating and exceeding day by day, whether in its manufacturing process, or in the way it presents its products to the market, in the relationships it establishes with people and in all actions that leveraged Karsten throughout these 130 years.

Visit the Braziwi website here.

PAPPELINA: Eye-catching, durable and functional floor rugs from Pappelina, Sweden. Great for any room - indoor or out. They are fully machine washable.

Pappelina's plastic are woven in Dalarna, Sweden using locally sourced materials and each represents a piece Swedish craftsmanship brought to life through close interplay between design and weave.

REINDEER HIDES: From the Arctic Circle in Finland. each beautiful Reindeer Hide is unique in colour and markings and we import the highest quality available.

In Scandinavia Reindeer roam free and, by tradition, are eventually sought for food. The hide is a by-product and completes the sustainable recycling process. Primarily designed to be a decoration they can also be used as a throw and make a great accent piece in the home.

Brands by Nordic Fusion:

Finnish Reindeer Hides . Maileg . Pappelina

Visit the Nordic Fusion website here.

One Hundred Percent Heart is a unique homewares label based in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

Our products are all NZ designed. We love creating high quality and fun artwork and wall stickers that you will adore.

Our team has a background in Graphic Design, Illustration and Sign Writing which allows us the benefit of sound industry knowledge mixed with the right amount of creative inspiration.

Visit the One Hundred Percent Heart website here.


Our towels, throws, blankets and accessories are like no other. Every piece is hand loomed or made using traditional techniques, resulting in products that are luxurious yet durable enough for everyday use. Ottoloom supports the livelihood of global artisans who create unique and beautiful products made to last.

Visit the Ottoloom website here.

Established in 1987, Oxted is a family owned company based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Oxted is proud to bring internationally acclaimed greeting cards, hand-finished party ware and design-led stationery to our 750-strong retail base in Australasia.

Brands by Oxted:

Burgon & Ball . Elum . House of Marbles . Lagom . Meri Meri . My Happy Soaps . St Eval . Stolen Riches

Visit the Oxted website here.

Pashom felt products are designed in Australia and handmade with love in Nepal from 100% New Zealand wool, making them kind to people and the planet.

As a member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and NZ, we are dedicated to supporting cottage craft industry in Nepal and empowering women to become self sufficient and to reach their full potential. Our range includes children’s toys and accessories and a stunning collection of holiday ornaments for Christmas and Easter. Each product is crafted entirely by hand, making them very unique, special and something to treasure for years to come.

Visit the Pashom website here.

Propel Brands has curated a beautiful selection Bath, Body & Home Fragrance brands to take you on a sensory journey.

Brands by Propel:

Royal Doulton . Valor

Visit the Propel website here.

We would like to introduce you to "Short Story"
A Company who specialises in storytelling through gift ware, all of which are made with hand and heart.
"Short Story" evolved in late 2009 when a small gift box of special Japanese papers gave life to a childhood hobby and marked the beginning of an amazing creative venture for both William and Carolyn. Being their own harshest critics, William and Carolyn both spent many months creating, innovating, cutting and folding, testing and trialling until after many hours of work, their passion and vision culminated in the creation of their first signature frame.
It was simple and tasteful and consisted of beautifully hand folded origami butterflies in a box frame.
From here-on the range grew to include gift cards, paper jewellery, stationary, soy candles, string lights and they are constantly striving to create innovative products of the highest quality.
Paper is a common theme in most "short story" products and much time and effort is spent sourcing the most intricate papers from all over the world.
"short story" is bringing back the intimacy and personal touch that was once associated to card writing and paper alike.
Coming from diverse backgrounds and going against the grain to start their own enterprise took courage, spirit and determination. Therefore it is a second passion for the duo to design stunning products with an inspirational story to tell.

Visit the Short Story website here.

Silver Queen Jewellery brings you faceted and rough cut Semi Precious gems,  all personally selected by Annette, for their beauty, energetic qualities and colour.  Each stone is unique and requests can be made as to shape, colour and carat size. Annette will  select your stones and set them in her signature sterling silver setting. 

Visit the Silver Queen website here.

Telegram Co. offers a superb collection of global homewares, station and lifestyle brands. The focus is on authentic brands with a heritage or distinct unique qualities.

The homewares and personal ranges include Nkuku, House Doctor, Meraki, Savon Stories and Hellolulu.

Stationery brands include market leaders like Moleskine, Rifle Paper Co. and MT Tape through to exciting discoveries like Kaweco, J Story and Appointed.

Brands by Telegram Co:

Catseye . De Atramentis . Dear Maison . Decomposition . Delfonics . Driscolls . Egg Press . Fabriano . Fridolin . Garance Dore  Garden Glory . G Lalo . Hello Lucky . Hello Lulu . Hightide . House Doctor . J. Herbin . J Story . Katie Leamon . Kaweco . Kinto  Meraki . MiGoals Moleskine . MT Tape . Nancy & Betty . Nkuku . O Check . Palomino . Paperways . Papier Tigre . Pollaris              Rifle Paper Co . Serax . Savon Stories . Seeso Graphics . Tay Ham . Telegram

Visit the Telegram Co, website here.

Founded in Australia, The Luxuriate was established to create beautiful sensory objects. Inspired by nature, the collection connects a composition of earth, infinite light and perfume. Designed in house by the founders Joseph & Marie Belfiore, each piece is created with a passion of combining unique objects with the highest quality perfume. The current collection includes a mix of stones sourced globally, woods, alloys & natural leathers. All our signature fragrances have been composed by our fourth-generation perfumer. 

Visit the Luxuriate website here.

Ocular brands THORBERG of Sweden and READLOOP of France are represented in NZ by Jude Patterson.  These two reading glass brands are new to the marketplace and transform a constraint into a must-have fashion accessory.

High quality + Innovative + Seasonal designs.

Brands by Thorberg+Readloop:

Thorberg . Readloop

Urban Eden & Co formed when founder Prue moved from rural New Zealand to the city centre of Sydney, Australia.

Urban Eden & Co is passionate about innovation and sustainability for the home and garden. Product lines are made up of a range of self-watering pots, planters and vases. Each piece is multifunctional, constructive and handmade.

Let's change the way we look at our environment. Let's Grow!

Visit the website here.

Our aim is to source and supply wholesale Scandinavian homeware, gift and furniture products that are well priced, with original, on-trend design and of excellent quality. Our office and showroom is based in Ellerslie, Auckland and we supply wholesale products nationwide to retail stores. Wooden Horse Homewares supplies Madam Stoltz homeware, gifts and furniture from Denmark and Hübsch Danish Home Interiors & Design. The extensive collections are distributed to home and gift retailers. Interior designers are also welcome to contact us to select unique pieces.

The Madam Stoltz brand has been growing internationally and has exceeded all expectation for contemporary design, quality, ethical production and pricing to meet the needs of the retail market in NZ. Natural, organic materials and traditional techniques give this range a chic, rustic style.

Hübsch Danish Home Interior & Design has home decor pieces of clean lines, soft textures, luxurious high-end finishes and Scandi colour tones.

TAJ Wood & Scherer, a German range of luxury leather wallets, jute totes and colourful cushions is also a part of our range.

Brands by Wooden Horse:

Hubsch . Madam Stoltz

Visit the Wooden Horse website here.