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Andrea & Joen French Linen is a new line created by the designers of the fashion footwear labels; Andrea & Joen and the younger line SUNDAY Andrea & Joen.

Andrea & Joen both have backgrounds in design, with mixed design principles their inspirations and details are seen in different perspectives. Joen has a bold eye for colour and shape, whilst Andrea has an eye for unique details and trends.

Modern luxury meets simplicity of design. Andrea & Joen linen is mix of luxury and sophistication with understated style. Find new season Andrea & Joen bed linen colours from muted to dark shades, unique mixed weave textures and classic chic stripe designs all in sumptuous french linen.

Visit the Andrea & Joen website here.

Established in 2005 to fulfil a passion, Bianca Lorenne went about creating gorgeous bed linen and all things beautiful. 

Named after our daughters, Bianca and Lauren, this family-owned business started from our home.

Our vision is to design exquisite bed linen and home textiles for the discerning customer, through a unique and stunning brand.

Fashioned by skilled artisans, with influences drawn from different countries, cultures and traditions, our handcrafted couture range is created in a refined colour palette and embellished with beautiful adornments.

Brands by Bianca Lorenne:

Bianca Lorenne . Natures Collection by Bianca Lorenne

Visit the Bianca Lorenne website here.

Double walled stainless steel bottles with designs by emerging New Zealand artists. 

Each bottle made supports the artist through direct payments and through promotion of their work on the care card included with each bottle. 

The bottles keep beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Visit the Cunky website here.

Cook & Nelson are purveyors of the most exciting and exceptional fare crafted by the best artisan producers in the world.

They search the globe to find individuals who share a passion for crafting extraordinary food and innovate with exciting new processes and recipes resulting in remarkable and unexpected fare.

These products excite you and make you rethink their traditional use - opening up a new world of culinary possibilities and reignite your passion in the kitchen.

Cook & Nelson products are not only world class but are in a class of their own.

Brands by Cook & Nelson:

5 olive Oil . Amola Salt . Entube . Franco's Kitchen . Huffman's Sauces . Lillie's Q . McClures Pickles . Noble Handcrafted . The Jam Stand

Visit the Cook & Nelson website here.

Erin Simpson is a familiar name around New Zealand household, spending most of her life on our TV screens. Utilising her profile and combining a love of drawing, design and beautiful homeware, Erin expanded her brand into creating eye-catching artworks and designs.

“I discovered a love for drawing when I was very young, and art was a major passion throughout my school years. Today, drawing is what I do to calm my overactive mind and channel my thoughts into a creative outlet. 
Having grown up in the Waikato, many of the Maori motif designs you see throughout my collections, were inspired by the region and its rich history in Maori culture. A great deal of work goes into perfecting those designs in particular, as this heritage is something very close to my heart”

Visit Erin Simpson's website here.

Karlsson is a world-renowned Dutch clock brand distributed within New Zealand by Future Presence. The Karlsson brand is synonymous with high quality, stunning graphics, aesthetic shapes and innovative design. This is the result of a unique collaboration between national and international designers and their own creative team.

Visit the Future Presence website here.

Heaven in Earth is a merchants and trader of simple and well-made goods.

We specialise in products that complement and enhance everyday life. We believe in authentic wares made for the task at hand for use in everyday life.

Heaven in Earth is where useful is beautiful.

Visit the Heaven In Earth website here.

A New Zealand natural brand with a long history, HUMANATURE® is a the next step in a family business committed to one idea: to make Every Body better. Backed by science, all natural powerful Anti-oxidants and Flavonoids help support increased Mental clarity and focus every day. 

Our range is designed to  help  with recovery from illness, gut issues, Stress relief, Anxiety, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD and have evolved in to being part of an everyday wellness plan, helping to support you when you are well and want to stay that way.

Visit the HUMANATURE website here.

Impact Distribution offer premium quality products that are fun and practical additions to your home and child. The Mary Meyer range of quality stuffed toys is made with extra touches that show care and are beautiful, safe, educational collectibles made from the best materials and finest designs.

Lulujo is where traditional and modern meet.
The lovely team at Lulujo strive to create beautiful, everyday essentials with comforting fabrics that today’s moms and children love. Their unique collections have touched the hearts of families with signature colours, on-trend prints, and ultra-
soft premium textiles. 

Visit the Impact website here.

Just South West developed when I began capturing some of my favourite stems at the end of their best, in a moody but beautiful way. With a fascination of one stem in particular - Pink Peony - which seemed to dry into a perfect petal sculpture. The five botanic art prints prints I started with over two years ago are still part of the collection, which has grown to the extensive art print collection, greeting card and gift range it is today. 

Offering unframed and framed prints that approach decent size (up to 841x1189mm) and make for bold pieces of art as seen in 'Room Reveals' by Alex Walls in Your Home & Garden magazine, including our collaborative series created in 2016.

Visit the Just South West website here.

Curiosity ignites creativity.

Our products are designed to bring a little joy into your life. Let your creative animal loose, relax into the cushions, wrap yourself in softest cashmere scarves and dive down the rabbit hole, you never know what you might find! 

embrace - enhance - enjoy!

Visit the Katrina Hobbs website here.

Lindi Kingi Design: The exotic, the beautiful and the bohemian...jewellery designed and created with inspiration drawn from far and wide.

Queen of the Foxes:  A lifestyle brand inspired by an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.Straying from the path gives us the opportunity to treasure hunt, bringing home with us 'a few of our favourite things.' 

LOTUS Lifestyle:  LOTUS Bottles and ECO Cups were created from a desire for better lifestyle choices.
Creating a LOTUS Lifestyle is not just about making changes for your own health and wellbeing, but for that of our planet too. 

Visit the Lindi Kingi website here.

Maison Blanche is a boutique home fragrance company that focuses on beautifully designed and handmade natural products. 

Our curated range of soy wax candles and home fragrance products are ecologically sourced, 100% vegan and use only the highest quality of ingredients. We collaborate with the finest fragrance house in Australia to blend unique and sophisticated fragrances that are integral to each of our products.

Our products are meticulously handmade and developed in Sydney, Australia.

Visit the Maison Blanch website here.

Welcome to Naibu. We are a wholesale company based in Wellington, New Zealand specialising in beautiful Modern Asian gift, homeware and food products. Currently we represent three brands that showcase our Modern Asian ethos of simple, contemporary, beautiful and unique Asian goods.

Naibu is a Japanese word meaning “inside”. It is a hint towards our products that are primarily used inside your home. We take pride in representing quality products made with care and integrity but at affordable pricing.

Visit the Naibu website here.

ortc clothing co was created in Adelaide, South Australia by us, long time friends, Charlie Hender and William Swale. 

Inspired by our Mothers' involvement in the retail industry, we decided to combine our passion for business and fashion in order to create a sophisticated and timeless brand that encapsulated our style: A brand that could be enjoyed by our Friends and our Fathers'. 

Whilst our primary focus has always been to deliver affordable and high quality mens gifts and accessories, we are also extremely excited about the addition of clothing to the ortc range.

Visit the ortc website here.


Our towels, throws, blankets and accessories are like no other. Every piece is hand loomed or made using traditional techniques, resulting in products that are luxurious yet durable enough for everyday use. Ottoloom supports the livelihood of global artisans who create unique and beautiful products made to last.

Visit the Ottoloom website here.

Established in 1987, Oxted is a family owned company based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Oxted is proud to bring internationally acclaimed greeting cards, hand-finished party ware and design-led stationery to our 750-strong retail base in Australasia.

Brands by Oxted:

Bordallo Pinheiro . Burgon & Ball . House of Marbles . Lagom . Meri Meri . Wrap .

Visit the Oxted website here.

We would like to introduce you to "Short Story"
A Company who specialises in storytelling through gift ware, all of which are made with hand and heart.
"Short Story" evolved in late 2009 when a small gift box of special Japanese papers gave life to a childhood hobby and marked the beginning of an amazing creative venture for both William and Carolyn. Being their own harshest critics, William and Carolyn both spent many months creating, innovating, cutting and folding, testing and trialling until after many hours of work, their passion and vision culminated in the creation of their first signature frame.
It was simple and tasteful and consisted of beautifully hand folded origami butterflies in a box frame.
From here-on the range grew to include gift cards, paper jewellery, stationary, soy candles, string lights and they are constantly striving to create innovative products of the highest quality.
Paper is a common theme in most "short story" products and much time and effort is spent sourcing the most intricate papers from all over the world.
"short story" is bringing back the intimacy and personal touch that was once associated to card writing and paper alike.
Coming from diverse backgrounds and going against the grain to start their own enterprise took courage, spirit and determination. Therefore it is a second passion for the duo to design stunning products with an inspirational story to tell.

Visit the Short Story website here.

Sianna Skincare is naturally good. Made from all-natural ingredients from sustainable sources, this skincare range is for those who care about what they put on their skin and the effect it can have.

With a background in naturotherapy and aromatherapy and a passion for cosmetics, founder Anne-Constance Palmeri set out to create a skincare range that was a pleasure to use every day, as well as being good for the skin and for the environment.

Visit the Sianna Skincare website here.

Smitten - is a small boutique textile screen printing studio run by Katie Smith. We design and print fabrics by the metre and produce a limited edition range of homewares and accessories. We are dedicated to keeping things local and personal, and have an artist’s hands on approach to the process we love.

Our inspiration is guided by what surrounds us, finding patterns and textures in the everyday.

We like to keep things simple and print on natural fabrics with water based inks. We have a distinct colour pallet that changes subtly each year and our designs are constantly evolving. We also love to share our passion for textiles through workshops and writing the occasional blog. 

Visit the Smitten website here.

Stitch & Hide is a global leather accessories company that combines the laid back, yet sophisticated styles of both Byron Bay, Australia and Los Angeles, California. The natural beauty of these two places is reflected in our rugged, yet classically styled products. 

Made from the finest quality leathers by the hands of skilled craftsmen, the treatments implemented in creating our products are natural processes, using time-honoured techniques and formulas that were developed by ancient and traditional methods. Made to this day with old world craftsmanship, our leathers carry on a long history of superior comfort and durability.

Visit the Sitch & Hide website here.

With a history of more than 15 years of medical research providing solutions to the hardest to heal skin conditions, Sub & Tarctic now brings this technology to a luxurious range of skin care with sustainably sourced Manuka Honey and Functional Keratin® proteins and Peptides.  

Designed to nourish, protect and repair your skin, Sub & Tarctic’s unique technology extracts bioactive and highly functional ingredients used at high inclusion rates. The high molecular weight proteins are extracted fully intact as well as a selection of short chain, low molecular weight BioActive Peptides that support healthy, beautiful and youthful skin. 

Sub & Tarctic works synergistically on the skin through topical applications and supports healthy skin development through an Oral Supplement.

Visit the Sub & Tarctic website here.

Telegram Co. offers a superb collection of global homewares, station and lifestyle brands. The focus is on authentic brands with a heritage or distinct unique qualities.

The homewares and personal ranges include Nkuku, House Doctor, Meraki, Savon Stories and Hellolulu.

Stationery brands include market leaders like Moleskine, Rifle Paper Co. and MT Tape through to exciting discoveries like Kaweco, J Story and Appointed.

Brands by Telegram Co:

Dear Maison . Decomposition . Delfonics . Driscolls . Egg Press . Fabriano . Fridolin . Garance Dore  Garden Glory . G Lalo . Hello Lucky . Hello Lulu . Hightide . House Doctor . J. Herbin . J Story . Katie Leamon . Kaweco . Kinto  Meraki . MiGoals Moleskine . MT Tape . Nkuku . O Check . Palomino . Paperways . Papier Tigre . Pollaris . Rifle Paper Co . Serax . Savon Stories . Seeso Graphics . Tay Ham . Telegram

Visit the Telegram Co, website here.

Established in 2010 by husband and wife team Aaron and Sarah Paku, The Gourmet Kitchen Company has been growing its exclusive product line of bespoke quality kitchens, laundries, vanities, doors and home accessories.

Focusing on traditional quality and style has really hit a cord with clients who love the quality of timber kitchens made to fit the brief, budget and functionality of their exacting requirements.

Visit The Gourmet Kitchen Co website here.

The Mint Republic creates a selection of classic and contemporary jewellery pieces, either by designer collaboration or designed in house.

Made from precious metal, designs are coupled with our well known exceptional quality, beautiful retail displays, affordability, excellent digital /social imagery, desirable margins, and with a whole lot more to offer, The Mint Republic brands may well find a place in your store.

Visit The Mint Republic website here.

Woodfolk believes in honesty, compassion and being kind to our environment. We work in harmony with both natural materials and communities in need to create beautiful pieces for everyday wear, and that bring warmth and creativity into our homes.

Woodfolk products are proudly designed in Australia by jeweller and designer Julia Denes, and handmade both in Australia and Nepal. Made for the Globally Conscious Woman, each piece is simple, yet effortless, comfortable to wear and soft to touch.

Visit the Woodfolk website here.